Acrobatic Dance  

Acrobatic Dance

Brace yourself for a jaw dropping performance by our incredibly talented contortionist. Highly trained in Contortion and Hand Balancing using Traditional Mongolian Techniques, our contortionist is bending over backwards and pushing the limits for your entertainment. This exceptional act involves the effortless and graceful manipulation of an extremely flexible body into seemingly impossible positions and shapes. Decorated with a beautiful costume, this stunning performance is bound to leave your guests head over heels.

Book our thrilling contortionist today and let the rest unfold!

Feature Act – 5 – 7 Minutes
Black light Show – 5 Minutes
Ambient – 30 minutes
Champagne Pour – 60 minutes
Our performer requires a stage raiser of at least 5×5 and green room to prepare. A sound system is also needed.
There must be a break of at least 15 minutes between contortion sets. Due to the physically demanding nature of the performance, no more than three sets of five minutes will be performed in a 1-hour period. Adding more sets within a short period of time increases the risk of injury to the performer.

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