Arial Lollipop Dancer  

Arial Lollipop Dancer

Looking to bring a touch of elegance with a side of thrill to your event? Consider our talented aerialists to bedazzle your audience with their acrobatics on Arial Lollipop Dance. They can perform sensational feature acts on stage or help create a classy atmosphere during cocktail hour. Our aerialists can perform solo or in groups.

For maximum entertainment, we recommend pairing a feature act with the Champagne Pourer service. This is an interactive performance during cocktails where our aerialist gracefully sits inside a hoop holding a bottle of your choosing. Guests can approach her to pour the drink into their cups or pose for a beautiful picture.

Arial Lollipop Dance

  • 5-7 Minute Feature Act
  • Solo or Duo performance available upon request

Champagne Pourer

  • 30-minute ambience performance

Combo Feature Act + Champagne Pour

  • 5-7 Minute Arial Lollipop Dance Feature Act + 30 minute Champagne Pourer

Lollipop Free Standing Hoop

  • 30 min ambience performance
A feature act is usually 5-7 minutes long. An ambience act can go for as long as you need with breaks for our performers.
Our aerialists provide their own soundtrack when doing a feature act. If you have something specific you want to hear, let us know at least three weeks before and we may be able to work it into our routine!
For our “Lollipop” free standing hoop we need 10x10ft Floor space and ae least 15 – 20 ft. sealing height and A private changing area.

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