Cyr Wheel Act  

Cyr Wheel Act

Cyr Wheel is a contemporary circus discipline, where the performer spins and rolls in a simple, body-sized metal hollow wheel. This act mesmerizing to the. audience, creates beautiful ambience & elegance. It is a type of acrobatics a lot of people haven’t witnessed yet.

Hire for your event an exciting, inspiring and stunning performance with a contemporary circus apparatus. This act is highly skilled, elegant and simply mesmerizing

Cyr Wheel Act

  • 5-7 Minute Feature Act
  • Solo Dance

Technical requirement

  • Minimum 16 ft. x 16 ft. stage or performance space with a hard floor
  • PA system
A feature act is usually 5-7 minutes long.
Our artist provides their own soundtrack when doing a feature act. If you have something specific you want to hear, let us know at least three weeks before and we may be able to work it into our routine!
For Cyr wheel act we require a stage or flat floor of a minimum of 16 ft. diameter as well as the surrounding space to be clear of people and objects.

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