Dhole Players

Dhol Toronto Entertainment has the finest home-bred Dhol Players who are known to bring in lots of energy with their drums to hype any party and procession. Every dhol player who plays under our brand is fully trained with a minimum of 5 Years’ experience to ensure quality service and professional etiquette.

Our Dhol Players dress up in a full traditional attire if requested with a wardrobe full of classy and exotic garments ranging from Sherwanis, Formal Attire, Kurta and Jean to mention a few to choose from.

Our dhol players are skilled in playing various rhythms such as: Uk Style Bhangra Beats, Traditional Bhangra Beats, Afghani Attan, Gujrati Garba and Dandiya, Modern and Fusion Sounds and Classical Rhythms. We also sing the “Bari Barsi Boliyan” during the Bharaat if requested in advance.

  • An option for multiple dhol players (Price varies with # of drummers)
  • We recommend at least 2 drummers for outside events
Dhol Service for the entire event (6pm – 12am) By having dhol player(s) for the entire event, you have the peace of mind that the dhol player(s) will NOT be leaving for another event and thus you do not have to worry about any delays and last minute changes to the itinerary. This package is suitable for events whereby the dhol is required at multiple segments such an entrances, a performance and later to play during the freestyle dancing to the music of your DJ. You can use the dhol service at any time during the event.
Choice of costume (Weather permitting if outdoors)

Lets make your event unforgettable

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