They say music is the life of the event. This is the reason it is important to appoint professional DJ to give classy touch to your event. Our DJ’s are experienced and have the skills and knowledge to hype any event from start to finish.

Our DJ’s will cross genres and hit all the right notes at all the right times. Our DJ’s play songs people love and can associate with. The beat can be felt by everyone and know the right songs that connects people.

Naik Production is home to some of the best Toronto DJs, all multitalented and able to play music that will highlight your event and entertain your guest to fullest. Our DJ’s uses state of the art equipment to give the highest quality experience. Your requests will be met and with the base to back it up. Naik Production DJs are a great add-on to you corporate events, fashion shows, after parties, brand activations, trade shows, bay shower, fundraisers, holiday parties, sporting events, charity events, weddings, birthday parties and many other ceremonies.

Event DJ

  • Music Services for up to 7 hours
  • 2 Wireless Microphones & 1 Stand
  • DJ Facade with Lighting
  • Customized Playlist
  • 1 Meeting to discuss playlist and itinerary

Premium Sound System

  • Speakers
  • Delivery, Set up, & Tear down
Our DJs are scheduled for up to 7 hours, if you would like to request more time let us know, we can accommodate for you.
We do provide sound and lighting and we also recommend our clients to allow us take care of these crucial factors. This ensures that the quality will always be top notch.
All your choice and current hits. We create a custom playlist for each client as per their taste and preference and combine it with our playlist of songs that get your guests to the dance floor. We also emphasize each client fills out a Do Not Playlist. Like the songs you do not want to play at your event.
Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world – we have catered to almost ALL kinds of music through the years. We will make sure to pair you with our strongest DJ based on musical requirement. On top of that, we also encourage musical input from our clients during the music selection phase. This means that you (and your guests) hear exactly what you want to hear!
As long as the request is within reason and suits the client’s vision, custom playlist, then we would be happy to take requests.

Lets make your event unforgettable

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