The Epic Robot

The Epic Robot is an absolute showstopper! This 8-foot LED Robot is an exciting performer that lights up the dance floor and gives your guests the chance to celebrate with an 8-foot party monster. He can dance, party, shoot a CO2 cannon, and stay back for pictures. This interactive service involves music, fun and photos! Don’t miss your chance for a guaranteed legendary night!

the Epic Robot

  • 1 high-energy performance set interacting with your guests (~40 minutes)
  • A photo opp for your guests to take pics with J-Tron
  • 1 Professional & insured stilt walker
  • 1 LED Multi colour Robot Suit
  • Travel within the GTA included (national or international travel at additional cost)
  • CO2 Cannons included
The Epic Robot comes out when the party’s in full swing and takes your dance floor to the next level! He lights up, dances and interacts with your crowd – they can even limbo through his legs! The Epic Robot is also available as strolling entertainment during any event!
The entire The Epic Robot package comes in 20 -30 minute sets. This set includes: an epic intro, interacting/dancing with guests, CO2 and a picture opp.
Yes, this service is safe for our performer, for you and for your guests. Rest assured The Epic Robot also comes with his own safety spotter.
Yes, but we make sure we didn’t give it sentience, wouldn’t want it to over throw humanity.
A private changing area on the same floor, a table, and chair.

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